The Unforeseen Vet Visit

My family has a nine year old miniature Schnauzer named Lucy. As many know, we adore this little dog. Pure-bread schnauzers are known for having extremely sensitive stomachs, and we figured this fact out the hard way a couple years ago. She’s been to the vet for tummy trouble a little over a handful of times in her lifetime.

Recently she started having another day of her sensitive stomach syndrome (as I like to call it). Sometimes, it’s not too bad and we can help get her well at home. So we were trying to wait it out. When my sister and I came home from school that day, there was evidence all over the floor that she was really not well. We called both our parents, who were both at work, to let them know. Then my dad called me back a couple minutes later and said, “Megan, you and Christy are going to have to take Lucy to the vet.”

These words sank heavily into my body. I had just gotten my drivers license the month before, and I was still VERY uneasy about driving to places I am unfamiliar with. My parents know this full well, but this was an emergency. My dad briefly reminded me of the route to take, and off we went.

Here is where God’s goodness shines through: flashback to nine months before. My dad was teaching me to drive. One of the very first places he took me to drive was to a place he claimed was a good one for practicing because it was both busy and calm roads, had several street signs, had lots of turns, etc. We drove this route a handful of times. Where was this destination?

The vet’s office.

So, there is God. It doesn’t seem like something big, but it was pretty significant to me. It was God working out things for good. It’s was Him proving that he was with me. Little did I know that after those once-stressful drives would come a time when I -needed- that experience. Sometimes there’s pain for a reason. In this case it was a learning pain, but believe me a pain none the less. Thank

you Jesus.

Trust God even when things seem pointless or meaningless or just like arbitrary pain. It’s hard to believe it’s for good, but God is good, and he works things out for good.

“For you make me glad by your deeds, LORD; I sing for joy at what your hands have done.”

‭‭Psalm‬ ‭92:4‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Long story short, we made it, Lucy was treated, and Lucy is happy and healthy…

and currently sleeping in her bed 😊